Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 December 2010

Mainly, I'm just amazed that the Nasdaq still managed to go up today after the large reversal yesterday.  However, it still looks like A LOT of stocks went down.  Upon going through what has now entered the short-term down category, it appears most are resource stocks (URRE being an example).  Banks did well today.

I don't really feel like posting tonight so I'll just put a few charts:

 Red close on McClellan when Nasdaq closes up .5%, Huh?
This massive drop also didn't show up in the indexes.

One still bullish thing is that that Dow-Transports is still quite a bit above its old high, while the Dow hasn't confirmed.  Transports generally lead the Dow.

If the stock market doesn't go up on 0% interest rates, QE2, constant POMO or Xmas rally, what is that saying?

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