Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 Nov 2011

 Confusion in the short term.
 Does the medium term want to retry for the highs?
Put this custom indicator together which sums the amount of stocks with a number of time frames (1 day to 377 day) moving indicators above one another (e.g. 8 over 21, 1 over 3, 89 over 233, etc.).  Numbers were just Fibonacci sequence.  No reason why.  I normalized the sum so that it is between 0 and 100.  I thought the results were interesting.  A lot of the great traders say things need to be cheap in all time frames to buy, and dear in all time frames to sell.  That was my intent with this.  I am considering creating weighted to the long term and short term variants of this.  I am guessing they will end up looking like the others I already create though.

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