Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 Dec 2011

This story is very, very interesting.  No idea if it is true not.
I think I get it.  Some old rich Chinese families lent gold and silver a long time ago to the US and received various financial instruments for it.  They claim to have THOUSANDS of TRILLIONS in these financial instruments, and it appears they want to collect.  Still reading...
Update:  Got word that this is a common con to try getting people to invest in fake bonds.

Covered shorts today.  I had bad entries on them (I did not get them at the recent peak in my short term indicator - about half way down), my short term indicator is a bit oversold, and felt a bailout package coming soon.  Depending on any retracement, I may re-open at a better spot.  We'll remain flexible and see.  Remember, I hate in between spots.

 New lows aren't getting extremely high.
 Medium term not oversold yet.  Negatively divergent from last peak.
 Mostly oversold in the short term.  There are higher readings, but is it worth messing with?

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