Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012

This will be a little shorter tonight due to the length of last night's post.

A commenter requested a chart similar to the one from 1980 to the present but from 1998 to the present.  As much as it may seems so, I honestly did not "load" the data sets to present what I wanted to see, MZM data only went back to 1980 so that is what I used.  I may see if they have measures before that date when I have the time.

Here it is.

As you can see, gold is outpacing MZM by a ratio of 2 - this was reached by the Dow:MZM around 1996.  Also despite MZM going up by a factor of 3, the stock indexes have not gotten off the floor.

 These three time frames have continued to levitate. 

The VIX continues its downtrend.  Still a little room to the downside for price, TSV and RSI.  I really don't know how it could get much more complacent.. especially during a Fed minutes week.  We will have to watch to see if we break out of the downtrend. 
Remember who brought you the July 31st 2011 VIX triangle end point a few months in advance?

"Thermodynamic miracles... events with odds against so astronomical they're effectively impossible, like oxygen spontaneously becoming gold. I long to observe such a thing. And yet, in each human coupling, a thousand million sperm vie for a single egg. Multiply those odds by countless generations, against the odds of your ancestors being alive; meeting; siring this precise son; that exact daughter... Until your mother loves a man she has every reason to hate, and of that union, of the thousand million children competing for fertilization, it was you, only you, that emerged. To distill so specific a form from that chaos of improbability, like turning air to gold... that is the crowning unlikelihood. The thermodynamic miracle."
Dr. Manhattan

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