Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4 Jan 2012

 Rallying in the medium term.  Not yet overbought.
Sudden stall in the short term at a negative divergence from the last peak.  I consider this bearish, but we still haven't reached my S&P target and we still aren't overbought on the summation index.

I've started to organize my health blog.. and populate the pages (not so much the blog posts) with content. I usually try to stay private with what I've been doing because of self-consciousness, but I guess I don't care any more.  It was mainly started to beat acne and male pattern hair loss, something that runs rampant in my family.  I discovered so much more, mostly halted aging, haven't been sick for more than a day in five years, got youthful energy back, and mostly stalled hair loss.  However there is really no way of really knowing what I would look like had I not changed.  Acne is also no longer an issue and body fat is very low, which may just be genetics.  I certainly owe a lot of credit to a few other websites which I will call out on there when I have time.

Health is my other passion, and I have experimented with more the past five years than most do in their lifetime.  I've done vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and my own made up diets.  I plan to eventually post links to everything I eat too as well as some new pics (hopefully not too lame like Myspace girl pics) to show the results.

Check it out.  If you buy those supplements, will give you $5 off as a new customer and I believe 5% off for orders over $60 right now.  There is no better day to change your life than today.

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