Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 Mar 2012

 The medium term inched higher today.
The short term also inched higher today.  Closer to overbought than oversold.
This is the percent of stocks over their 40 day moving average.  It has been declining since 7 February while the major indexes continued their march upwards.  Yes, it is actually only 59%.

Oh yes, I forgot to add, out of all the junk ETFs out there, I just discovered what may be the worst yet, inverse VIX ETFs.  While these basically should do the almost the same thing (go up when market goes up) as ummm, the SPY, DIA or QQQ, remember that they are inverse, and that means they are if any of the other inverse products are an indication, junk.

One look at XIV compared to VIX someone can see that it is already down 33% from 8 July of last year where VIX was roughly the same value as it is today.  This problem has been covered by me and many others so I will not go into the why again.  SVXY is the other.  It hasn't been around long enough to decline yet, but it will.

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