Friday, May 25, 2012

25 May 2012

Must read:  Bubble on the Potomac

Prepare to be disgusted at how much Washington DC is out of touch with the rest of the US, simply because they have the best access to the Olde Faithful printing press located at Marriner Eccles.  I think what bothers me most is just how hedonistic it all seems.  Maybe it is just jealousy on my part.  I don't know.

"The local drugstores seem to devote more shelf space to condoms and pregnancy tests than diapers and formula. (Another big seller at pharmacies: Pedialyte, used as the ultimate hangover cure.)"

“Happy hour is the most important hour of the day,”

“We’re a mecca for young people,” Fuller says. One recent arrival says word has gotten out to new graduates that Washington is where the work is. “It’s a place where a ­liberal-arts major can still get a job,” she says, “because you don’t need a particular skill.”

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