Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13 June 2012

 Medium term edged higher .01 today.
Showing some significant persistent weakness in the short term.

As I was flying back from my trip, I noticed almost everyone on their electronic devices playing angry birds, texting, or doing some other form of entertainment.  I appreciate leisure and think it has a very necessary part of life, and understand that everyone wants to derive their own experience from this life..whatever it may be.

The thing that concerns me is that I see very few books, very little learning about history, very little learning about what it took to make those devices.  Whenever this crisis finally comes to an end, will we have people with the right set of skills and knowledge to rebuild?  Will the empty enjoyment of mindless pursuits no longer bring smiles to faces?  Is all of this simply to escape the "painful" existence of being human?  I love being alive.  I love dirtiness.  I love that we aren't perfect and the world isn't perfect.  How boring that would be!  Must be like heaven...or hell if they did exist.  There is nothing to escape.

The fact that I exist is against all odds, and that alone is worth relishing.  My ancestors survived the bitter cold of Norway and somehow found a mate tolerable with which to have kids.  This hunk of rock and metal is hurtling through space around a fireball.  And that fireball and billions others are circling a gigantic black hole which will eventually consume everything we know as earth, and that will be ruthlessly formed into something else.  I can experience learning, happiness, sadness, laughter, love...something all of this lifeless stuff, as far as we know, cannot.

Enjoy it..even if your way of enjoying it is different than mine.  I guess a world that I consider perfect, where everyone had the same interests as me, would be worse than it is. Just make sure you aren't trying to escape it.

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