Thursday, August 9, 2012

8 Aug 2012

 Judging by the low amount of new highs, the stock market has worse leaders than most Western governments.
 Medium term summation index still lagging the previous peak.
Short term has overtaken its recent peak.  Relative to previous highs, it is lagging the Dow a little bit.

Remember when the Bernank was claiming QE2 helped small cap companies by pointing to the performance of the Russell 3000?  He can't make the same claim for Operation Twist as the Advance / Decline line for the R3000 has been abysmal.

Really, when will people get it that all this easing that the financial media and stock monkeys plead for is just transferring new money to the elite rich bankers (or to the government) who unload their shoddy assets to the Fed?  How can anyone with a brain celebrate that or accept that that is morally acceptable?

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