Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23 Oct 2012

 Nearing historically oversold levels in the short term.

The medium term still has some room to fall.

And, most importantly, for perspective, here is the long term.  Not oversold at all.

"And how did Union aim to xtract these … alleged “ills” of our state?
But as the Boardman’s anthem says, Nea So Copros is the world’s only rising sun! Pre-
Skirmish East Asia was the same chaos of sickly democracies, democidal autocracies, and
rampant deadlands that the rest of the world still is! If the Juche had not unified and
cordonized the region, we would have backslid to barbarism with the rest of the globe! How
can any rational organization embrace a creed that opposes corpocracy? Not only is it
terrorism but it would be suicide. 
All rising suns set, Archivist. Our corpocracy now smells of senility."
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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