Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Dec 2012

 The medium term summation index is still heavily lagging.

The short term summation index has popped nicely recently, but also remains below its recent high.

The short term index still continues its decline from its ridiculously overbought levels.  If the indexes continue to get pushed upwards, the current non-overbought readings give it some room for a bounce upwards.

Gold lost its recent trendline support earlier this week.  Silver still maintains its recent trendline.  This is a bit odd that silver appears to be leading gold (like what happens when both have great gains), but it is still historically much "cheaper."  I may post a more in depth analysis this weekend on the metals.

I picked up the newspaper from the mailbox, but it contained nothing of any importance, only the
things that journalists had decided we should know, feel involved in, and have an opinion about.
Paulo Coelho

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