Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 Jan 2013

 New highs falling off.
 Buying climaxes starting to rise again.
 Medium term stalled a bit today.
Short term did the same.

Is there one more push for new highs in the cards?  Possibly for the indexes.  I'm guessing most stocks have rolled over already.

(During World War II, Joseph Stalin) was once asked by an American writer, according to Professor Dean Russell, how he could justify conscripting all the property of all the people for use by the government to fight the war. Stalin answered by asking why they considered it more immoral and illogical to conscript lifeless property than to conscript life itself, as was being done in the United States and all other capitalistic countries. His American challenger had no answer, because there was no answer.
"Freedom Under Seige", Ron Paul

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