Monday, February 25, 2013

25 Feb 2013

 Short term remains in mostly oversold territory.  Definitely interesting price action today though.
 Amazingly, the medium term still has quite a bit of room to fall.
Buying climaxes managed to make a new high today.  Impressive amounts of selling the last five days after euphoria in many stocks.  This is interesting considering the number of new highs on any day within this rally barely reached 1000 (different stocks can peak on different days) - see post yesterday of new highs.  And of those, almost all (this is near 1000) made a climax move and are lower than five days ago.

Oh, and notice the massive support that showed in gold and silver today.  Quite interesting considering other "risk" assets selling off.

"The USGovt deficits are covered over 80% in volume by the printing press with a Weimar nameplate. Foreign USTBond investors have vacated the auction pits and other financial premises. The reliance upon interest rate derivatives has been exposed, starting last spring and summer 2012 in JPMorgan admissions, in order to keep the absurdly ultra-low official interest rates in place. Enter systemic failure from a financial standpoint.

The cast of leaders has converted treason into a facade of patriotism, as they defecate and urinate on the tree of liberty, preparing their drones and black aircraft for assaults on cities. The battles politically remind a history student of a localized conflict between Nazism and Stalinism, with a surefire blend in targeting the population with a parade of assaults typical of each camp. Anyone who has overlooked that Neo-Con means Neo-Nazi, and the march to Socialism in the other party has a striking tone of Soviet Collectivism, simply misses the big trend in American politics."

Jim Willie

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