Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 Feb 2013

 Long term is still sitting on its permanent "high plateau" of wealth effect.
 Contrarian hold longs are high again.  Are they signalling a dead cat bounce or a bottom?
 Medium term has retraced its fall slightly.
 Short term has rallied considerably - this is what generates that contrarian hold long number above.
New highs have still fallen off a cliff when compared to the index.

Unrelated, but I'm getting tired of reading about how bad our health is because of our new diet choices. I used to be a big whole foods guy.  Not so much any more.

People seem to live a lot longer now by consuming more calories.  Sugar can't be all that bad - pure energy - the stuff even has toxins removed by processing with activated charcoal - name another food that has so little toxins.  Teeth only become porous for sugar / bacteria / plaque to accumulate when acid touches them first.  People used to eat salt that would neutralize the acid - that is one missing thing.  And the other big change is consumption of vegetable fat and fake sweeteners.  Other than that, you don't need goji fed piranhas or organic algae fed yak butter.  Just eat enough starch / sugar for energy, enough protein for repair and enough fat for hormones.  Don't mix the three functions up.

Metabolizing fat and protein for glucose (by using stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol) have respiratory quotients less than one.  Any engineer knows that you don't want to operate a machine at a lower efficiency.  Do you run cars on refined fuel or crude?  ALL FATTY ACIDS AND AMINO ACIDS have respiratory quotients less than 1.  Glucose, citric acid, malic acid, fructose, starch, glucoronic acid all have RQs of one or better.

Yea, it feels good to be an adrenaline junky in the short term, until your hands turn cold, your skin looks worse and you lose your sex drive.

Done low carb, paleo.  Still kinda tired.  Done vegan, still not feeling feelings.  Done vegetarian, still have a destroyed gut.  Done high veggies, still have no thyroid.  Give it up.  Tell me how aliens ate because that would be far more useful to how humans should eat.

I know I used to do it, but so tired of reading how morons say we "don't eat like we used to eat." Yea yea, we don't and we live a lot longer being obese than not obese.  People didn't die of cancer or heart disease back then because malnourishment got them first. 

Better to be well-fed or not well-fed?  Move to Africa if you hate calories.  Only in America could we come up with something as perverse as Anorexia when half the world can't afford to eat.

A sweeping captivating question will dominate in 2013: What happened to the United States? The answer cannot be made simple. As preface, the key to comprehension must bring focus to extreme banker thefts in the multiple $trillions, which began in a virtual theft of the bulk of the national home equity in the mortgage bond fraud. The problem is far more pervasive, if any degree of depth is to be grasped. It was the refusal to liquidate the broken sacred banks steeped in criminal activity, the extreme corrosion to the economy from adopted sanctioned urgently requested hyper monetary inflation, the burdensome war costs hidden within the mammoth unfixable federal budget deficits, the compromised Congress whose constituents are lobbyists, the cancerous growth of the state which is realized in higher taxes, onerous regulations, an expansive welfare network, and a forced tiresome war on terrorism that conceals a broad confiscation of gold hoards during a global capture of the narcotics trade, upon which the New York banks are hopelessly dependent. A military element has been prevalent in the breakdown, an extension of the Fascist Business Model into the business sector. It saw impunity of big banks from prosecution, devotion to war, permission of narcotics by the security agencies, the obfuscation of liberty as it vanished, the perversion of patriotism (including honor guards at sporting events), the subjugation of the press, the salute to an aggressive national socialism (often dubbed nazi by the enlightened). Enter systemic failure from a military standpoint.
Jim Willie

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