Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013

 To those buying today, good luck.  The long term indicator doesn't agree.
 Short term slowed a bit today.  Neither overbought nor oversold.
The medium term indicator has not responded as well as the short term indicator yet.

Conney et al. (1961) demonstrated that animals having the ability to synthesize their own vitamin C could produce about 10 times more than their baseline levels when subjected to enough biochemical stress, such as from drugs. This automatic ability to adequately step up vitamin C production in the face of stress explains why so many wild animals tend to live healthy for their entire life spans until it is time to die. Conversely, generally vitamin C-depleted human beings will typically spend at least half of their lifetimes coping with one or more chronic diseases.

The specific genetic defect that prevents humans from internally synthesizing vitamin C is the lack of a liver enzyme known as L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO). GLO is the last of a sequence of liver enzymes that ultimately transforms glucose (blood sugar) into vitamin C. Interestingly, the actual GLO genome, or sequence of coding DNA, has been identified to be present in humans (Nishikimi et al., 1988). For unclear reasons, this segment of human DNA remains "untranslated," meaning the recipe for GLO is present in the human but remains unprepared. 

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