Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 March 2013

New highs are trying to get back to recent levels.  We will see if they can keep up with the thin Dow.
 Long term might remains insanely overbought.
 Medium term shows the exodus that has occurred since early February that is transparent if you look at the Dow.  But the media loves proclaiming that the Dow is at a new record never mind that it's down in terms of gold, silver, and gas about 90% the last decade.  The first great depression occurred under a gold standard which also had a 90% decline against dollars which were redeemable in gold.

At least that time we weren't lying to ourselves and stealing from the populace via inflation for building drone aircraft, invading people to free them, and locking up non-violent drug users for prison slave labor.
Short term slowed slightly today.

I remember a few years ago someone posted that the Dow was making a megaphone pattern.  I didn't really believe it at the time, but here we are at levels higher than 2007.  Shows what a great investor and trader I am, huh?  Anyways, if that pattern holds true, we would expect lower lows than 2009 lows, and it doesn't look like we've reached the high yet either.

      "The cholesterol-lowering fiasco for a long time centered on the ability of unsaturated oils to slightly lower serum cholesterol. For years, the mechanism of that action wasn't known, which should have suggested caution. Now, it seems that the effect is just one more toxic action, in which the liver defensively retains its cholesterol, rather than releasing it into the blood. Large scale human studies have provided overwhelming evidence that whenever drugs, including the unsaturated oils, were used to lower serum cholesterol, mortality increased, from a variety of causes including accidents, but mainly from cancer. 

      Since the l930s, it has been clearly established that suppression of the thyroid raises serum cholesterol (while increasing mortality from infections, cancer, and heart disease), while restoring the thyroid hormone brings cholesterol down to normal. In this situation, however, thyroid isn't suppressing the synthesis of cholesterol, but rather is promoting its use to form hormones and bile salts. When the thyroid is functioning properly, the amount of cholesterol in the blood entering the ovary governs the amount of progesterone being produced by the ovary, and the same situation exists in all steroid-forming tissues, such as the adrenal glands and the brain. Progesterone and its precursor, pregnenolone, have a generalized protective function: antioxidant, anti-seizure, antitoxin, anti-spasm, anti-clot, anti-cancer, pro-memory, pro-myelination, pro-attention, etc. Any interference with the formation of cholesterol will interfere with all of these exceedingly important protective functions. "
      Ray Peat

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