Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14 May 2013

 Medium term went down today.
Short term increased slightly.

Somehow researchers are so scientifically advanced that they can identify a gene  that causes breast cancer, but can't beat cancer other than cutting off breasts.  Wow, great investment over the past thirty years.  Maybe at some point, they'll admit environment structures genes the same way genes shape environment, and give up on pushing this "genes" dictate everything crap which suits the genetic engineering agenda - which has the potential to destroy the entire earth.

Love this quote from 180degreehealth.com
"Anyway, Angelina’s docs supposedly told her, with her mutated BRCA1 gene, that her risk of getting breast cancer was 87%.  Okay, so they can’t prevent or cure cancer, but they know enough about it to provide an exact statistical projection of its likelihood?"

In the wake of angelina jolie chopping off her mosquito bites, ladies, you want to keep your ladies. we want you to keep your ladies. put down that salad, tell your doc to drop the knife and estrogen, and eat some grapefruit.

1) loaded with quercetin and narginenin. yeah, i can't say them either, but they are aromatase inhibitors. aromatase converts your pro-life hormones like progesterone into stress hormones like estrogen (there are good estrogens and bad estrogens man - this isn't a male / female thing). research shows high progesterone / pregnenolone / DHEA to bad estrogen ratios prevents cancer. men, don't feel left out, this same mechanism prevents prostate cancer.

2) loaded with magnesium, another bad estrogen antagonist. and helps you relax with men stressing you out all the time.

3) your doctor has a time machine, studied how humans ate 100,000 years ago, and told you carbs are bad huh? did you ask him what his appendix does for him? guess he left out that your liver uses fructose to convert cholesterol to (pregnenolone first) progesterone. and you like to get wasted? that fructose also powerfully removes alcohol from the blood stream. damn man. go wild.

4) aw, you heard that fructose causes NAFLD. grab some choline and cholesterol from real eggs and stop whining. make some hormones. raise your body temp. raise your thyroid levels. raise your sex drive.

5) you never realized how much boobs look like grapefruit and oranges? check out the pic.

6) i hear people saying this procedure gives women power. only in america would we say a masculinizing procedure is feminist.

7) you're allergic to gluten? grapefruit doesn't have gluten. but it does help GAPS dieters prevent endotoxin.

 you don't like how citric acid readily metabolizes into CO2 with less oxygen needed because CO2 is bad for the environment? the universal antioxidant CO2 raises circulation, body temp, metabolism (burn more food off while doing less) and raises the temp of the earth so more vegetation can grow. terrible right?

9) how do you know all this stuff, you're not a doctor? you're right, i'm not paid based on how many pharmaceutical drugs i give out

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