Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Sept 2013

 Medium and short terms remain slightly oversold.
 Medium term is slightly oversold in this view as well.

Short term is showing a positive divergence.  I warned of a potential bounce prior to further downside.  It's not guaranteed, but is certainly possible.

"In every 'nuclear disaster', radiation injured few if any people, whereas overplayed FEAR of radiation had disastrous impact, ruining the lives of thousands. A recent study showed that people who refused to evacuate Chernobyl were happier and outlived the evacuees by 20 years, while the evacuees themselves were depressed and suicidal.

There is nothing else that is as central to the issue as that one fact. It should not be skewed by unreasonable premises. In addition, the impact of unwarranted fear of radiation has caused massive avoidable use of fossil fuels, to the detriment of people and the environment."
Ted Rockwell, November 26, 2012

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