Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June 2011

Of course the Greek bailout would come on 6/9/11 - and it was $130B where 13 is one of 3's vibrations.  Four of the "big" numbers according to   whether you think it is BS or not, this guy has made some solid predictions the past few years and his free reports are very good reading.

I like unconventional things.  That is probably why I bother to make my own indicators. 

 McClellan Oscillator seems ready to head upward.
 New lows seems to be heading down again.
 This barely went up today.  Will likely turn soon.
This obviously went down today from extremes.

Considering all of these things today and yesterday, it was very difficult to close most of my short sales.  VIX seemed to want to rally, but it just failed time after time.  I don't have any position in RBS any longer - it broke down, but rallied back above my line.  I do think that it might bounce back up to my top trendline and continue sideways (like the VIX) before it falls out of that range.  STD has a similar pattern.  I expect that what sets those off will be a Spanish debt crisis later this summer.  They could break upwards, and I will report that as hell is freezing over, but with markets you really never know.

I am concerned that a few more shake out days might happen because I don't like being wrong even in the shortest term.  However, the odds are just too high that it will head up or at least go sideways for sometime considering the conditions and the presently "placated" Greece situation.  I'm sure some scares of that bailout will come from political action, but we all know who really runs politics, the banks.

I still am, of course, a precious metals bull.  I will be looking for miners who remained above their 200 day moving average that look like they want to take another shot at their highs. I will consider small cap energy as well because I believe we are late in this expansion phase.  Staples will start becoming good again as well.

"Bernanke is a disaster"
Jim Rogers

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