Monday, March 19, 2012

19 Mar 2012

Update 19 Mar 12:  2146.

 The short term slightly declined today.
It has become obvious to me that my indicators do not do well with finding tops due to the possibility of them being pegged near the upper bound.  That is why I created this over the weekend.  This (green line) sums the previous 50 days of values (red line) - think of it as an integral:  the area under the curve.  It has helped mark significant bottoms as well as tops, but it also appears to be more accurate when its peaks/valleys diverge from one another.

Two banks that passed the stress test sit at key juncture:  BAC and RF
Note that RF actually auctioned off $900M more in shares in the days following the stress test to .... partially pay back TARP debt.

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