Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 Mar 2012

 Long term has still steadily increased the last few weeks.  This is definitely a lagging indicator.
 Slight decrease on Friday.
 Slight decrease on Friday.
My short term indicator summation index has steadily declined since February.  Amazingly, it looks like it is sold off enough that it could bounce like Nov 2011 or continue its slide like May 2010.  No way to really know.  One outside factor is that November is in the seasonal "sweet spot."  May and June are not.

For those that want to know, I created this by offsetting my short term summation index by -0.5 to make it have a mean closer to zero.  One thing I find interesting is that the peaks in the negative area have only reached -4, but the peaks in the positive are around 6.  This shows the seemingly positive bias for gravitation.  The oscillator (blue) is then multiplied to make it easier to see against the other indexes.

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