Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 Apr 2012

Gold is sitting near a long term uptrend line. 
 Silver is a bit farther from its long(er) term line (yellow) and is also near its orange trendline. Both appear to be forming triangles.

 Slight decline today in the medium term indicator.  This persistent non-movement is a bit bizarre.
 Slight decline today in the short term indicator.  It actually looks like the peaks and lows are forming a "triangle" in this indicator too.
VIX did "break-out" of this trendline connecting the March peak with the early October peak.  It wasn't strong, but it did close above it.  We don't have much room to the downside unless we revert to what was considered normal before 2007, the 10 - 15 range.

Best of luck.

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