Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 May 2012 US Energy Consumption, MZM Monetary Base S&P Growth

 2011 data is now complete.  The total came in a bit shy of 2010.

 Kind of amazing how well the Monetary Base growth compares with the stock indexes since 2008.

This shows that Broad Credit (MZM) and the S&P are no longer rapidly responding to growth in the Monetary Base.


  1. Hi Scott:
    Great charts today. I'd like to reprint the two of M@ and the SPX. Would that be OK, with credit and a backlink, of course? Thank you--
    charles hugh smith

  2. Charles, we're all in the search for truth and progress together. Go for it and let me know if you want any others generated that I haven't thought of or made.

    I can do M2, M1, CPI, CPI-shadowstats, all that pretty easily.